SANDCASTLES AS ENTERTAINMENT: Watching a sandcastle under construction answers the eternal question, “How did they do that?” Seeing is not only understanding, it is also very entertaining. Experience confirms that people usually gaze at a completed sandcastle for a few moments, take a picture, and then leave. On the other hand, they will watch someone sculpt a castle for hours on end just to see how it takes shape before their very eyes.

SANDCASTLES AS CENTERPIECES: What better accent is there for a summer beach event? Create a photo opportunity for everyone with your custom designs, corporate logos (or even a sandcastle snowman for holiday cards). Sandcastles always seem to draw a crowd and keep it. For the true romantic, there’s “the proposal” carved in sand and then a sandcastle centerpiece for the beach wedding.

SANDCASTLES AS A CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING EXERCISE: High level executives have learned the value of bonding diverse individuals into a single-minded team. A sandcastle contest is the perfect tool to do just that. Students experience a learning curve, organize and divide labor, emerge as leaders, make and revise decisions and learn to cooperate with others in achieving a common goal. Remember, some of the great lessons of life are learned in the sandbox.

SANDCASTLES AS A FUN ACTIVITY: A unique beach activity that is always just good clean fun. Perfect for church groups, social clubs, scout troops and families. Educational as well as fun. (Even teenagers agree that building a sandcastle is ”way cool”.) Have your own contest, or all build together. It’s up to you!